How We Roll

How We Roll


How We Roll

How We Roll


Why ride with us? Our lives have been dedicated to finding the best rides in the world. This journey has led us to all corners of the globe riding with wonderful people, mixing with cultures similar and different, and seeing the incredible variety that this planet offers.

All of our tours are unique with different accommodation, terrain, destinations, bikes and experiences. We sometimes camp and ride through remote areas on mountain bikes while another trip might be staying in comfort on a ship while cruising down a river in Europe and doing easy day rides to enjoy the food and wine of the region. Be sure to check the overview at the top of each tour to make sure that the trip you are interested in matches your style.

Not every tour will suit every person, but there will be a Pedal Pedal tour that you will love.




As with all Pedal Pedal rides are unique the guiding experience will depend on the trip. We aim to provide freedom for you so that you don't feel suffocated by being in a group or led around by a guide who never stops talking. Our tours usually take one of three styles:


Group trips where you look after your own navigation, what time you set out, where you stop for meals and how you want your holiday to roll. Travelling in a group environment on these trips means you still have the support of the group and usually small teams of riders of a similar ability and riding style form together to enjoy some company while riding. A Pedal Pedal representative will also be riding with you throughout the trip for extra support if needed.


Guided trips operate much like guided trips on any tour with a guide usually out in front leading the way, describing the history and culture, helping with meals and looking after the group. Our guides are the best in the business and have a passion both for their country and cycling. We operate guided trips in places where it would be difficult to travel self-guided due to language, remoteness or navigation.


On semi-guided trips you get the best of both worlds, guides are available if you want to follow a leader, ask questions and learn more about the world you are cycling through. But you are also free to self-guide, stop when you want and travel at your own pace. We generally semi-guide on our Grand Pedal rides where we will have a number of cycling guides starting in the morning at, for example, 30 minute intervals. You can then choose to ride with a guide or not.


Where you lay your head at night varies a lot at Pedal Pedal. We do tours where camping will be our daily routine while others have you staying in comfortable 4 star hotels and resorts. Generally each trip will adhere to a single standard so if you can pick a trip that meets the experience you are happy to have.

Because of our group size on Grand Pedals we don't always stay all together in the same hotel. We try where possible to be in the same town but sometimes we are spread out over a few kilometres.

Go Premium - Want to upgrade your hotels, receive extra inclusions and meals throughout the trip then upgrade to Premium and enjoy extra comfort? Where Premium upgrades are available this will be noted on the tour information page.


Our rides are unique in that they bring a large group of cyclists together to enjoy an international ride - something more like a festival on wheels. Our clients vary widely in age and cycling ability so no matter where you fit in to the cycling community you'll fit in at Pedal Pedal.


Rental bikes are included on all our trips. We are very picky about bikes and will never put you on a bike that we wouldn't ride ourselves (in fact we rarely travel with our own bikes and prefer to use the rental bikes). Even in remote areas or places where you might expect bike quality to be low we are able to source high quality bikes to use.

The bike type will depend on the terrain covered so it might be road, hybrid or mountain bike. Often there are e-bikes available for a surcharge which are prefect for those who like a bit of extra help out on the road. If you've never tried an e-bike they are very high quality and have a good range with batteries lasting throughout a typical Pedal Pedal day.


Our rides are not expeditions, you don't have to be an accomplished cyclist to enjoy our trips. We ride reasonable distances each day, usually 50-70km so that you have time to enjoy the country you are riding through as well as the town we overnight in.

Some trips will include some longer days that might be beyond some people but if there is a support vehicle on the trip (which is generally the case apart from fully self-guided trips) you will be able to ride as much as you like and then hop in the support vehicle to get you to the next destination.


Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Pedal Pedal is made up of a world-wide network of bicycle tour specialists, each person being the authority in their region. Our partners all share a passion for showing visitors to their area by the best possible way: bicycle. In each location that we run a tour we work with our local partners to design and deliver the best possible tour, usually a tour that we ourselves have long dreamed of riding.

Company founder Jason Williams started exploring the world by bicycle from an early age. As a kid exploring the suburbs around home, he moved on to excursions into the countryside, to finally heading overseas on multiple year long rides.

Jason has cycled countless tens of thousands of kilometres in more than 20 countries, he lived in Asia for 14 years and founded what became Asia's leading cycle touring business with more than 30,000 people enjoying his tours. Jason left his business behind when he moved back to Australia but the itch to pedal proved too strong.

Pedal Pedal is the culmination of more than 20 years of cycling the world, building networks, developing his art for tour design, and refining what is really at the core of a cycling holiday that will live in a person's memory for a lifetime.

Visit Jason's personal website to learn more.


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Pedal Pedal is now a part of The Great Trails Company, the family owned business of Jason and Fhon Williams. The Great Trails Company is all about a carefully selection of the best cycling and walking adventures worldwide.

Pedal Pedal is the cycling devision of the business.